2007 Recipients


1st prize : Tanya Farber (South Africa)
2nd prize : Robert Mugagga (Uganda)
3rd prize : George Lucky (Nigeria)

Asia and the Pacific
1st prize and Grand Prize : Siew Ying Leu (Malaysia)
2nd prize : Hasan Syed Shoaib (Pakistan)
3rd prize : Ansari Massoud (Pakistan)

1st prize : Michael Thierney (United Kingdom)
2nd prize : Andrej Dynko (Byelorussia)
3rd prize : Mario Kaiser (Germany)

Latin America and the Caribbean
1st prize : Mauri König (Brazil)
2nd prize : María Teresa Ronderos Torres (Colombia)
3rd prize : María Paz Cuevas (Chile)

The Arab World and the Middle East
1st prize : Talal El-Atrache (Syrian Arabic Republic)
2nd prize : Mohammad Ben Hussein (Jordan)
3rd prize : Aijaz Zaka Syed (India)

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